Elevate your dog's training experience with Next Level Residential Dog Training program, a remarkable opportunity to enhance skills, refine behaviour, and forge an unbreakable bond between you and your canine companion. Explore the abundant benefits of our Residential dog training program.
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Our Approach to Residential Dog Training

We understand that each dog is unique, so we tailor our training methods to fit your dog's personality, learning style, and specific behavioural issues. Our program focuses on teaching basic obedience commands, addressing problem behaviours, and improving socialisation skills.


  • Assess your dog's personality and learning style;
  • Identify and address specific behavioral issues;
  • Tailor training methods to suit your dog's unique needs.


  • Teach essential obedience commands such as sit, stay, and come;
  • Build reliable responses to commands in various environments;
  • Strengthen leash manners and recall skills.


  • Identify and correct problem behaviors like jumping, barking, or aggression;
  • Implement positive reinforcement techniques to modify unwanted behaviours;
  • Provide consistent guidance and boundaries to promote positive change.


  • Facilitate controlled social interactions with other dogs and humans;
  • Promote appropriate behavior and confidence in social settings;
  • Foster positive relationships and reduce anxiety or fear-based reactions.
Our Board & Train Program Is The Perfect Solution
Our Residential Dog Training program is designed to teach your dog obedience skills, improve their socialisation skills, and provide a fun and positive learning environment for both you and your dog.
Positive Environment
Our residential dog training is structured to provide a supportive and positive learning environment for both you and your dog. We start with basic commands and gradually increase the difficulty level to ensure that your dog becomes a well-trained and obedient companion.
Positive Methods
We use a mixture of positive reinforcement methods to teach your dog obedience commands and to correct unwanted and undesirable behaviours. We understand that each dog is unique, so we tailor our training methods to fit your dog's personality and learning style.
Positive Results
At the end of our residential dog training program, you will have a well-trained, obedient dog that is a pleasure to be around. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you and your dog have developed a strong bond through the training process.
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Better Interaction
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About Nottingham & Nottinghamshire
Nottingham and Nottinghamshire, located in the heart of England, offer a picturesque blend of historical charm and natural beauty, making them an ideal destination for dogs and their owners. From expansive green spaces to dog-friendly attractions, this region provides a welcoming environment for our four-legged friends.

Vast Parks and Open Spaces
Nottingham boasts an array of parks and open spaces, providing ample room for dogs to run, play, and explore. Wollaton Park, for instance, is a sprawling estate with beautiful gardens and a large deer park, allowing dogs to enjoy long walks amidst nature. Highfields Park and the Arboretum are other favourites, offering well-maintained paths and greenery.

Sherwood Forest
Nottinghamshire is synonymous with the legendary Sherwood Forest, home to the iconic Robin Hood. This ancient woodland is not only a historical treasure but also a haven for dogs. The extensive trails and shaded paths make it an excellent location for leisurely strolls with your furry friend.

Dog-Friendly Pubs and Cafés
Nottingham is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, and many establishments are welcoming to dogs. Numerous pubs and cafes throughout the city and county are pet-friendly, allowing owners to enjoy a meal or drink without leaving their canine companions behind.

Canal Walks
The Nottinghamshire canal network provides a serene backdrop for dog walks. The towpaths along the canals, such as the Nottingham and Beeston Canal, offer a relaxing environment for dogs to stretch their legs while their owners enjoy the tranquil waterside views.

Dog-Friendly Events
Nottingham frequently hosts dog-friendly events and gatherings. From charity dog walks to festivals celebrating our canine companions, there are numerous opportunities for dogs and their owners to socialise and enjoy a sense of community.

Access to Countryside
Beyond the city, Nottinghamshire offers a diverse countryside landscape. From the picturesque Vale of Belvoir to the scenic Sherwood Forest, dogs have the opportunity to explore a variety of terrains, ensuring that every walk is a new and exciting adventure.

Advantages of Well-Trained Dogs in Nottingham
If your dog is well-trained, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire offer a plethora of opportunities for both mental stimulation and physical exercise. Well-behaved dogs can fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings, making the most of the dog-friendly features this region has to offer. Investing in residential dog training can be particularly beneficial in ensuring your canine companion is ready to embrace the diverse and stimulating environment.

Off-Leash Opportunities
A well-trained dog can take advantage of the numerous off-leash areas available in Nottingham's parks. Wollaton Park, for example, provides vast spaces where dogs can enjoy a good run while remaining under control.

Exploring Historic Sites
Nottingham's rich history and architecture offer a unique backdrop for dog walks. A well-behaved dog can accompany its owner on explorations of historical sites, such as Nottingham Castle, providing a blend of cultural enrichment and exercise.

Café and Pub Visits
Many of Nottingham's dog-friendly cafes and pubs welcome well-behaved dogs. A trained dog can calmly accompany its owner to these establishments, allowing for a more inclusive social experience.

Tranquil Canal Walks
The calm and picturesque towpaths along Nottinghamshire's canals are ideal for well-trained dogs. With the right training, your dog can walk beside you without causing disruptions, providing a peaceful and enjoyable experience for both of you.

Investing in residential dog training can significantly enhance your dog's adaptability to the varied surroundings in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Professional trainers can focus on reinforcing commands, socialising your dog, and addressing specific behavioural needs, ensuring that your canine companion is well-prepared for the diverse experiences that await them.
Recommended Dog Walking Places In Nottingham

At times, locating the ideal spot to train your beloved canine can prove to be quite a challenge. Here is a list of highly recommended dog walking locations in and around Nottingham. These spots are worth exploring and can be wonderful places to bring your dog for training and exercise:

Wollaton Park: Expansive grounds with open spaces for training and exploration.
Sherwood Forest: A legendary forest with trails offering a mix of history and nature.
Highfields Park: Well-maintained paths for leisurely walks and training exercises.
Nottingham and Beeston Canal: Tranquil towpaths ideal for calm and focused walks.
Colwick Country Park: A scenic park with a lake, providing a diverse training environment.

A well-trained dog opens up a world of possibilities in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. Residential dog training can equip your dog with the skills needed to enjoy the diverse landscapes and attractions, making every outing a joyful and enriching experience for both you and your canine companion.

Check out more interesting dog walking places below: 

Our Promise
Continued Success and Support
Unleash the potential of Residential Dog Training, embrace the rewards of a well-behaved companion, and guide them through challenges to achieve harmony and obedience.
Dog Obedience
Empowering Transformation and Sustainable Success
At the end of our residential dog training program, your dog will have undergone a comprehensive training program and will be better equipped to handle challenging situations. We will also provide you with the tools needed to continue reinforcing good behaviour and maintain the progress achieved during the program.
Happy Trained Dog
Customised Schedules and Pricing for Your Training Journey
Here at Next Level Dog Training we offer a range of flexible scheduling and pricing options to fit your specific training needs.  Please contact us today to learn more about our residential dog training program and discover how we can help you and your dog develop the skills needed for a happy and well-behaved life together.
Hear from Our Happy Dog Owners
Cherry & Nala

Nala has just completed her six weeks training course. You guys were great, very professional and answered all of my questions. Nala has come on so much would definitely recommend Next Level Dog Training. Thank You.

Cherry Draper
Suzanne & Yogi

Matt is absolutely amazing at what he does and Yogi loved to see him and all the other wonderful dogs. Matt has taught me everything I needed to know about recall, obedience, K9 communication and socialisation skills around other dogs and people. I had no confidence when taking Yogi out and was going out for walks at 05:00 in the morning to avoid people and the embarrassment of him completely ignoring me. Yogi has completely changed his behaviour and has been excellent when going out for walks now, and at a normal time not early doors. Any further training that Matt offers I will be booking. Would trust Matt 100% with all of my dogs!

Suzanne Thompson
Emily & Bear

Really enjoyed and learnt so much from our training course, I was very nervous about taking Bear. Bear can be nervous and react negatively but now I feel so much more confident taking him out. The difference after just a few weeks we noticed at home was amazing, he is so much more engaged and will most of the time come in when called from the garden, still lots of training to do but Matt has given me the tools and guidance to know what to do. Any problem you are having Matt is happy to help and give advice on a solution. Will definitely attend any further courses and thank you Chloe for your help and guidance.

Emily Jolly
Contact Next Level today to learn more about our residential dog training Nottingham program and how we can help you and your dog develop the skills needed for a happy and well-behaved life together.

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