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Does your dog have specific behavioural issues that require individual attention and customised training? Our 1-2-1 Dog Training program may be the solution you need.

Our experienced trainers will work with you and your dog to address any specific training needs and provide individualised attention to help your dog overcome challenging behavioural issues.
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Ignite Confidence, Mold Obedience, and Empower your Canine Sidekick.

Next Level trainers use a mixture of training methods, most commonly positive reinforcement, to help your dog learn new behaviours and overcome any problem areas. We understand that each dog is unique, so we tailor our training methods to fit your dog's personality, learning style, and specific behavioural issues.
One to One Training

Our Approach to One to One Training

Next Level's 1-2-1 Training program begins with a consultation to assess your dog's specific training needs and develop a customised training plan. We then work with you and your dog to address any behavioural issues, teach new commands, and reinforce good behaviour.

Consultation and Assessment

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your dog's specific training needs;
  • Develop a customised training plan tailored to your dog's personality, learning style, and specific behavioural issues;
  • Discuss training options and scheduling to fit your specific needs.

Basic Obedience Training

  • Teach your dog basic commands such as sit, stay, come, and heel;
  • Reinforce good behaviour through positive reinforcement;
  • Address any problem areas such as jumping, barking, and leash pulling.

Advanced Training and Behavior Modification

  • Teach advanced commands such as leave it, drop it, and roll over;
  • Address more challenging behavioural issues such as aggression, anxiety, and fear;
  • Use a variety of training methods to modify your dog's behaviour.

Final Review and Follow-Up

  • Conduct a final review of your dog's progress and behaviour;
  • Provide guidance and tips on how to reinforce good behaviour and continue training at home;
  • Offer follow-up training sessions if necessary to maintain progress and address any new issues.
Justin One to One
Enhanced Focus
Improved Behaviour
Reliable Obedience
Strengthened Bond
Our Promise
Continued Success and Support
Unlock the power of personalised dog training, embrace the joys of a disciplined companion, and navigate obstacles together for harmony and obedience.
One to One Dog Training Classes
Diverse Dog Training Classes: Tailored Solutions for Every Need
We offer a variety of one to one dog training options, including basic obedience training, advanced training, behaviour modification, and more. We also offer flexible scheduling to fit your specific training needs.
One to One Dog Trainer Justin
Unleash Your Dog's Potential: Behave. Respond. Connect
At the end of our training program, you will have a better-behaved dog that is more responsive to your commands and better equipped to handle challenging situations. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped your dog overcome any behavioural issues and strengthened your bond.
Contact Next Level today to learn more about our dog training programs and how we can help you and your dog develop the skills needed for a happy and stress-free life together.

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