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I have used Justin and Matt for a few 1 to 1 sessions for all of my dogs. They have provided drills, tips and advice to help guide me and my dogs to become less reactive and more focused on walks.

They have always been available when I have had questions and needed advice on training aids.

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Justin and Matt are like magicians with dogs. How they understand and work with their dogs in a firm but positive way is quite incredible. I have watched them take a nervous and extremely reactive dog to being a confident, relaxed and keen to learn dog in the space of one session. And not only can they do it- they are clear in their instruction on how you can do it too. Just brilliant. I cannot recommend highly enough!

Hayley and team
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I did the 6 weeks training course with narla which was excellent and highly recommend, Narla has learnt so much and so have we, still got things to improve on and learn on but overall fantastic

Jodie Lea
suzanne thompson review
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Matt is absolutely amazing at what he does and Yogi loved to see him and all the other wonderful dog. Matt has taught me everything I needed to know about recall, obedience, K9 communication and socialisation skills around other dogs and people. I had no confidence when taking Yogi out and was going out for walks at 05:00 in the morning to avoid people and the embarrassment of him completely ignoring me. Yogi has completely changed his behaviour and has been excellent when going out for walks now, and at a normal time not early doors. Any further training that Matt offers I will be booking. Would trust Matt 100% with all of my dogs! Huge Thank You for your expertise! 😊and Thank You also to Chloe who was excellent as well.

Suzanne Thompson
cherry draper review
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Nala has just completed her 6 weeks training course. you guys was great very professional aswmerd all my questions. Nala has come on so much would definitely recommend next level dog training. thank u

Cherry Draper
andrzej osiewicz review
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I recently completed a 6 week beginner dog course with my furry friend, and I have to say, it was an amazing experience! The course was well-organized and covered all the basic commands and skills that a dog and their owner needs to know. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and patient, and was able to provide individualized attention to each participant.

What I loved about this course was that it was not just about obedience training, but also about building a strong bond between the dog and their owner. We learned positive reinforcement techniques that were not only effective, but also made training a fun experience for both me and my dog.

By the end of the course, I was amazed at how much my dog had learned and how much our bond had strengthened. The course has given me the tools and confidence to continue training my dog and build on the skills we learned.

Overall, I highly recommend this 6 week beginner dog course to anyone who wants to start their journey into dog training on the right foot. It's a great investment in your relationship with your dog, and the benefits will last a lifetime

Andrzej Osiewicz
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I want to say a massive thank you to Matt for providing training to our dog. 100% trust Matt with our dog and know he's always in the best hands for training, Matt also taught me how to keep these training techniques going. if you are looking for a trainer for your dog Matt is your man!!!

Vicki Price
emily jolly review
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Really enjoyed and learnt so much from our 6 weeks training course, I was very nervous about taking Bear, Bear can be nervous and react negatively but now I feel so much more confident taking him out.

The difference after just a few weeks we noticed at home was amazing, he is so much more engaged and will most of the time come in when called from the garden, still lots of training to do but Matt has given me the tools and guidance to know what to do.

Any problem you are having Matt is happy to help and give advice on a solution.

Will definitely attend any further courses and thank you Chloe for your help and guidance.

Emily Jolly
frazer guy review
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very knowledgeable trainer and a good honest bloke.. had Matt train my whippet from a young age and not only has she come on in leaps and bounds she absolutely loves going with him. it's a 10 from len

Frazer Guy
michelle marriot
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Matt is amazing at what he does and Maggie goes mad when she sees him coming to collect her for recall training. She absolutely loves him and that tells me everything I need to know about what happens between them when I’m not there! Would trust Matt 100% with any of my dogs! Thank you for your expertise! 😊

Michelle Marriot
beth hibbert review
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Thank you to Matt and his team for the 6 weeks training course! Dukes come on so much in 6 weeks , we still have a long way to go but we’re getting there!

Beth Hibbert

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