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Introducing our innovative Dog Training Shadow Program, an immersive experience designed for aspiring dog trainers seeking to take their skills to new heights. Step into the world of canine behavior and training alongside seasoned professionals, shadowing their every move and gaining invaluable hands-on insights.
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Introduction To Our Dog Training Shadow Program

Our comprehensive program goes beyond theoretical knowledge, offering aspiring dog trainers the unique opportunity to observe and learn dog training in real-world scenarios. Through this immersive training, aspiring dog trainers will refine their techniques, enhance their understanding of canine psychology, and develop the confidence to embark on their own successful careers as proficient and compassionate dog trainers. Join us on our transformative Dog Training Shadow Program.
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Our 5-Day Shadow Program

We offer a 5-day shadow program for aspiring dog trainers or the keen dog owners who are motivated to build on their existing knowledge and skills. Our residential dog training facility is the perfect place to work with a variety of dog breeds with numerous behavioural issues whilst shadowing one of our experienced dog trainers.

During this shadowing program you can expect to cover:
Puppy Obedience Training
Happy Dog Owner
Calm Confidence
Safe interactions
stress-free experience
responsible dog ownership
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Who is this program best for?
This shadowing program is perfect for the aspiring dog trainer who wants hands on experience whilst being guided by an experience trainer, dog owners who want to take their ability to the next level and dog rescue professionals that want to learn dog training techniques and behaviour modification.
dog training shadow program accomodation - next level dog training
Accommodation is not included but we do have a list of local places to stay that we can provide on request.
shadow dog training price next level dog training
The cost of this shadowing program in £900 and runs over 5 days (Monday – Friday 8am until 4pm)
Contact us today for a friendly and informative conversation about Dog Training Shadow program. Let's start the journey to help you become a highly effective dog trainer.

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