Is your dog exhibiting resource guarding or aggressive behaviours, such as growling or biting, when approached near their food, toys, or other possessions? If so, our Resource Guarding Training Programme is designed to assist you in addressing this issue effectively.

Through our programme, we can help your dog become more relaxed and comfortable around their possessions.
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Unleashing a Selfless Spirit in Dogs

At Next Level, our dog trainers employ a diverse range of training methods, predominantly relying on positive reinforcement, to effectively address your dog's resource guarding behaviour. Recognising the uniqueness of each dog, we meticulously tailor our training approaches to align with your furry companion's distinct personality and learning style. This personalised approach ensures optimal results and a more tailored experience for both you and your dog.
Resource Guarding

Our Approach to Resource Guarding

In our comprehensive training programme, the primary goal is to teach your dog that guarding resources is unnecessary for retaining their possessions. To achieve this, we commence by meticulously identifying the warning signs and specific triggers prompting your dog's resource guarding tendencies, whether your dog is guarding food, objects, people or others. Subsequently, we create a personalised training plan precisely tailored to address and mitigate these triggers that could lead to unwanted behaviours or dog bites. This strategic approach ensures a targeted and effective training experience to stop resource guarding for your canine companion.

Trigger Identification and Assessment

  • Through careful observation, our approach involves identifying signs of resource guarding in dogs and pinpointing the specific triggers that elicit guarding and aggressive behaviours.
  • Following this initial observation, we conduct a thorough assessment, delving into your dog's body language, guarding triggers, and the intensity levels associated with such behaviours.
  • In addition to this, our process entails gaining a comprehensive understanding of your dog's unique personality, learning style, and behaviour patterns. This knowledge serves as the foundation for designing a bespoke training programme aimed at halting resource guarding behaviour effectively.
  • Furthermore, our commitment to tailored solutions extends to the training approach itself, wherein we meticulously tailor strategies to address individual triggers and challenges. This thoughtful and personalised approach ensures a nuanced and effective intervention that aligns seamlessly with your dog's specific needs and tendencies.

Positive Association and Desensitization

  • To foster a positive change in your dog's behaviour when your dog is guarding, we employ a systematic approach. Initially, we introduce positive reinforcement techniques to establish a favourable association with the presence of people or other animals near resources. As the training progresses, we gradually expose your dog to triggers at a distance, simultaneously rewarding calm and relaxed behaviour.
  • In the process, desensitisation exercises play a crucial role, strategically employed to systematically decrease the intensity of the triggers. This step-by-step reduction ensures a gradual and controlled exposure, promoting a more composed response from your dog.
  • Throughout the training journey, our focus remains on reinforcing positive behaviours, creating a supportive environment that fosters a sense of security and trust. This holistic approach ensures a comprehensive intervention that not only addresses specific behavioural issues but also nurtures a positive and trusting relationship between you, your family members and your canine companion.

Counter-Conditioning and Behaviour Modification

  • In our comprehensive training programme, we employ a multifaceted approach to address resource guarding behaviours. Firstly, we implement counter-conditioning techniques strategically, aiming to transform your dog's emotional response to resource-related triggers. This involves reshaping their associations to create positive responses instead of defensive reactions.
  • Furthermore, we focus on teaching alternative behaviours to your dog, introducing commands such as "trading" or "leave it." These commands become valuable tools, allowing your dog to exchange possessions willingly for rewards. By integrating these alternatives, we empower your dog with positive choices, redirecting their focus from guarding to engaging in more desirable actions.
  • Guiding your dog towards understanding that willingly relinquishing resources results in positive outcomes and reinforcement is a key aspect of our training philosophy. This process helps create a positive connection between sharing possessions and receiving rewards, fostering a more cooperative and secure mindset in your canine companion.
  • Consistency is paramount in our approach, with regular and structured training sessions reinforcing desired behaviours and discouraging guarding tendencies. This consistent reinforcement builds a strong foundation for lasting behavioural change, promoting a harmonious relationship between you and your dog.

Generalisation and Maintenance

  • To enhance the effectiveness of our training, we systematically broaden the scope of scenarios. This involves expanding training scenarios to include diverse settings, people, and types of resources. By exposing your dog to a range of situations, we aim to fortify their adaptability and responsiveness across various contexts.
  • Following initial training stages, we emphasise the importance of reinforcing learned behaviours in different environments. This step ensures that your dog generalises the training, applying acquired skills consistently regardless of the surroundings. This generalisation process strengthens the reliability of their responses, promoting a more well-rounded and adaptable behavioural repertoire.
  • As your dog progresses, we adopt a strategic approach to transition from frequent rewards to more intermittent reinforcement. In this stage when we approach your dog, gradual reduction in the frequency of rewards is balanced with maintaining consistent expectations. This approach encourages sustained positive behaviours while fostering greater independence in your dog's responses.
  • Our commitment extends beyond the training sessions, with ongoing support and guidance provided to prevent resource guarding and address any setbacks that may arise. This comprehensive approach ensures long-term success, creating a robust foundation for a harmonious relationship between you and your dog.

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Continued Success and Support
Discover the fulfillment of resource guarding dog training, relish the rewards of a self-assured companion, and assist them in overcoming challenges to achieve a harmonious and generous nature.
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Empowering Transformation and Sustainable Success
Upon completion of our training programme, you can anticipate a transformative outcome: a dog that is not only more relaxed and comfortable but also notably less inclined to exhibit resource guarding behaviours. Additionally, the satisfaction derived from this accomplishment goes beyond the immediate benefits, as you'll have the gratifying knowledge that you actively contributed to helping your dog overcome a challenging behavioural issue.
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Customised Schedules and Pricing for Your Training Journey
We offer a range of flexible scheduling and pricing options to fit your specific training needs. Please contact us today to learn more about our training program and how we can help you and your dog develop the skills needed to live a happy and stress-free life together..
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