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Are you interested in training your dog to use their powerful sense of smell for scent and tracking work?

Our scent and tracking training program can help you and your dog develop the skills necessary to track scents, find lost objects, and even locate missing persons.
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UK Sniffer Dogs Approved Trainer

Being recognised as a UK Sniffer Dogs Approved Trainer is a significant achievement for our company. It validates our expertise and dedication in improving dogs' lives through nosework. This recognition signifies that we have undergone rigorous training and demonstrated a high level of proficiency as dog trainers and scent instructors. After 12 years of training and handling detection dogs in some of the largest airports in the UK, we have seen first hand the benefits scent work can have on dogs and wanted to make this more accessible.
UK Sniffer Dog Training

Our Approach to Scentwork

Next Level scent and tracking training program is designed to teach your dog how to track a variety of scents, including human scent, animal scent, and even specific odors. We start with basic scent recognition exercises and gradually increase the difficulty level to ensure that your dog becomes a skilled and reliable tracker. In addition to tracking scents, we also teach your dog how to locate lost objects, such as keys or cell phones. This can be a useful skill for everyday life, and it can also be applied in professional settings, such as law enforcement or search and rescue operations.

Foundation Training

  • Our trainers utilise a customised approach, adapting training methods to suit your dog's unique personality and learning style;
  • We start with basic exercises to introduce your dog to different scents, including human scent, animal scent, and specific odors;
  • We help your dog develop concentration and focus on scent detection, laying the foundation for more advanced scentwork.

Tracking Skills

  • Our program teaches your dog to track various scents, enhancing their ability to follow trails of humans, animals, and specific odors;
  • We progressively challenge your dog by increasing the complexity of tracking exercises, ensuring they become skilled and reliable trackers;
  • Through consistent training and reinforcement, we instill accuracy and reliability in your dog's tracking abilities.

Object Location

  • In addition to tracking scents, we teach your dog how to locate lost objects like keys or cell phones, providing a valuable skill for everyday life;
  • Applied proficiency can be beneficial in professional settings such as law enforcement or search and rescue operations, where locating specific items is crucial;
  • We focus on honing your dog's ability to efficiently search and locate objects, improving their speed and precision.

Advanced Training

  • For those interested in search and rescue work, we offer specialised training programs to prepare your dog for challenging search and rescue missions;
  • Our trainers possess extensive experience in search and rescue operations and will guide you and your dog through the complexities of this demanding field;
  • We work closely with you and your dog to develop the necessary skills, such as scent discrimination and area search techniques, to excel in real-life search and rescue situations.
Scentwork & Tracking
Scent Sensation
Nose Mastery
Odor Expertise
Sniffing Proficiency
Our Promise
Continued Success and Support
Experience the thrill of scent work training, celebrate the progress of a skilled tracker, and guide them through milestones to achieve remarkable scent detection abilities.
Training your Dog Scentwork
Empowering Transformation and Sustainable Success
At the end of our scent and tracking training program, you will have a well-trained, reliable tracking dog that can be used for a variety of purposes. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you and your dog have developed a strong bond through the training process.
Happy Trained Dog
Customised Schedules and Pricing for your Training Journey
We provide flexible scheduling and pricing options to suit your unique training needs. Whether you're interested in scent and tracking training or search and rescue work, our expertise and flexibility can help you and your dog develop all of the necessary skills.
Contact us today to learn more about our scent and tracking training program and how we can help you and your dog develop the skills needed for scent and tracking work.

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